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Welcome to ALDEMAR Olympian Village!

The Olympia Resort

In a special place full of beautiful memories, paradise awaits – at the Aldemar Olympian Village.

The place where myths were created and the Olympic Games were born. At this land rich in memories, ancient temples, medieval castles and monasteries, where the west coast of the Peloponnese meets the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, awaits the paradise you always dreamt of: Aldemar Olympian Village.

An ultramodern complex of autonomous bungalows, luxurious suites, spacious apartments and beautiful rooms right by the sea, spreading on sandy seashores and ornamented with tens of swimming pools and gardens of unique beauty… A hospitable, lively, tourist village, ideal for sport lovers and children…

A little Eden of flavors and local gastronomic creations…yet something more! A unique ark that sails towards your personal summer fairytale, filled with savors of the sea and cuddles of the sun in a peaceful, refreshing environment of harmony, splendor, politeness, discretion and exceptional service.

Aldemar Olympian Village welcomes you, ready to host your dreams.

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